The People

"Nothing brings people together like good wine."

The entrepreneurs behind Sip & Say are brother and sister team Adam Schneider & Dawn Vieira. Wine was the common interest that brought our relationship from being siblings growing up in Great Neck, NY to becoming great friends and now business partners.

Adam dates his love affair with wine from before he was old enough to drink it legally. Adam has worked in the wine business since 1999, and can still remember the bottle that would change his life and put him on a career path working with wine and spirits. In 2001, he enrolled in the Sommelier Society of America and became a certified Sommelier. That certification has enabled Adam to pursue his passions while working for wholesale, retail and most recently wine production, while living in Napa, Ca. Through his exciting career, he has always dreamed of owning his own wine shop, one that catered more to customers and the experience of wine and spirits and not just to brand names. Adam moved back to NY to be closer to family, and to use his knowledge and experience to begin building his dream.

Adam’s sister Dawn recently left a corporate career in NYC, to be able to spend more time with her family. Adam has shared his wine expertise with her through the years and she is now able to join Adam at Sip & Say. Dawn was most recently an Independent Wine Guide, with The Traveling Vineyard, in which she conducted in-home wine tastings. She brought boutique/craft wines to customers’ homes, and taught them how to pair wines with food.

Together, Dawn & Adam look forward to becoming your go to team, for helping your palate, experience the joys of craft wine and spirits.

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The Store

Sip & Say Craft Wine & Spirits was inspired by our very own certified Sommelier, Adam Schneider, and his 20 year career in the wine industry. Learning that most of the wines on the market were made with chemical additives, a service was needed to help guide novices, connoisseurs and professionals through the wines that are made in the vineyards and not in the laboratory. Sip & Say provides just that.Every bottle tells a story; about the region, the people, the experience. At Sip & Say, these stories come to life through taste and education. Our craft wines & spirits are hand picked to assure quality at every price point.

Each bottle is a shining example of the best wine & spirit production methods including small batch, organic, biodynamic, natural and other earth friendly techniques. No matter which bottle you select, you can rest assured that it is a stellar example in its respective category. Our goal is to take the guess work out of wine and spirits buying. Buying wine & spirits should be as enjoyable as drinking it!!!

Our craft spirits selection is always growing so as to please even the most discerning palates. 

Sip & Say will also engrave a special message, for free, on almost every bottle purchased! We also offer fully customized, engraved bottles, featuring the option for photographs, at affordable prices. 

We believe every bottle is special, and then you can tell your own story.


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